March 30, 2020

Dear Montgomery Montessori Families,

I know we are all facing uncertainty in our daily lives due to COVID-19.  I want to reiterate that I am in no way trying to compromise or capitalize on your individual situations.  I genuinely thank and appreciate all the first responders who are putting their lives and the lives of their families on the line to deal with this virus head on.  MMS will gladly seek a waiver when the school is properly equipped to due our part to meet your needs as well.  I will remain informative to all with regards to that process.  The upgrades that I spoke of yesterday are not mere cosmetic ones, but ones that are directly related to the world we are ALL living in today. At this time in our lives, more than ever, it is precedent that we equip the school in a way that has never been required before for the safety and well being of our students and staff alike.  I have been working at MMS for more than 34 years and in that time we have never faced anything like COVID-19.  The only attack is fighting back with safer sanitary practices.  I know at home during this Social Distancing period, you and I alike are doing all we can by washing and rewashing in order to keep everyone healthy.  The school is a wonderful, nurturing, stimulating, fun, loving environment where each and every child is encouraged to embrace learning to its fullest.  However, with the necessary demands of washing minimally for 20 seconds per child; we have a problem.  The teachers are presently diligent with this task but we would be constantly filling and emptying the temporary water sources so that each child’s needs could and would be met.  Consequently, we have contracted with a plumber to run piping to the four remaining classrooms so that permanent sinks can be installed.  This will allow the teachers to do their jobs more effectively, all the while looking out for the well being of all those enrolled.  In addition to the installation of the sinks, the staff and I have been brainstorming about how we would be able to keep the children cleaner and healthier during their much needed outside time.  As a result, we are having the wood chips removed on the younger playground and having a synthetic grass with padding installed.  This surface will allow us to sanitize the areas in a much more essential and effective way.  Our children need to have the freedom to grow and explore without feeling anxiety or hesitation.  Once the quarantine is lifted, I know that none of us are going back to business as usual.  We Have All Been Changed as a result of this virus.  These changes are not frivolous by any means and quite honestly, I am very nervous about implementing them at this uncertain time.  I am responsible for making sure the everyday health and safety of your children is secure.   I have been blessed to work in an environment that is caring, compassionate, and forthcoming when it comes to things that ensure the well being of all involved.  The staff of MMS are truly wonderful and dedicated individuals.  They are the backbone of our school and the true lifeline to all your children.  They have been wonderful during this crazy time and eagerly anticipate being reunited with their students.They are not taken for granted and remain connected in every way.  I am not expecting any member of our MMS family to compromise their own positions at this time, nor have I ever.  Our doors are always open to support any and every life event that might be thrown your way.  We are always considerate of personal needs and situations and we ensure personal integrity throughout.  That is one characteristic that I cherish the most and don’t plan on changing.  That is one of the reasons we speak of past, present and future MMS family members so endearingly.  The updates with regards to the financial demands on All businesses has been changing drastically from the onset of the closures.  I am trying to keep abreast of all pertinent  information so that MMS can continue to operate for many years to come.  My frustration is that I, like you, don’t have all the answers but I will continue to evaluate any and all options that are represented.  I would like to personally Thank all of you who have called, sent texts, sent photos or offered assistance in many different ways during this scary time.  Your support is the fuel that keeps me on task.  Thank You As Always For Being Part Of Our MMS Family.  Please feel free to contact me directly with regards to any of the information presented.  Respectfully, Karen Slifer


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