*We have two kids at Montgomery Montessori and it's an amazing school with a loving staff.  As a parent we want to see that our kids are cared for well and that is definitely true at MMS.  As an educator myself, it is great to hear of all the focused, educational activities the kids are participating in at school.  Our two kids also have very different personalities, yet their individual talents are recognized.  Michelle Riley (October 2016)

*I can't say enough about Karen and everyone at Montgomery Montessori School in Huntingdon Valley.  Having to go back to work not long after Ry was born was horrible but that's just the way it was and we were so grateful that Catalina who I worked with recommended MMS.  They cared for Riley when she was 4 months old until she went to kindergarten and Joey has been there for the same time.  Karen put her heart and soul into the kids and it's just an absolutely amazing place for kids.  They have not only learned the academics but more importantly they learned about life.  They learned how to respect each other and the world around them, they learned what it means to be a friend, how to solve their own problems, how to work out problems with their peers, how you can learn so much more from playing, being in the outdoors, and using your imagination than any worksheet, TV or dreaded tablet can teach you.  Doing "work" is so much more fun at MMS compared to work mommy and daddy do!  They learned how to help others, how to be humble, and grateful for what they have and how to think and not be lazy.  We are so grateful for this second family the kids had.  They were loved, respected, and allowed to be kids.  I'm sure Joey will miss Karen and the school when it starts to hit him.  Even tonight he started saying something about shaving and then went "Awwwww, I can't shave anymore".  MMS will always be in our hearts.  The White Family (August 2016)

*16 years later, the proof is in the pudding. Montgomery Montessori School helped my children transition from babies into confident & amazing students; thru elementary, high school, and college.  My two daughters and son were all very different from one another, each had their own unique personalities.  Karen & the staff of MMS worked diligently and carefully to allow each one of my children to blossom in to their greatest potential.  At the point in your child's life when they reveal who they are, I highly recommend allowing MMS to cultivate your child's strengths and build their confidence towards a successful life. Maria Nowacki, DMD (August 2016)

*Dear M.M.S. Teachers, Thank you for the incredible care that you have provided for Sophie over the past five years.  We felt so fortunate to find you all of those years ago and this feeling has only deepened with time.  While we greatly appreciate you keeping Sophie safe and teaching her the fundamentals of learning, it is everything else that she gained from M.M.S. that has blown us away.  We never expected teachers to show her such love, focus so intently on her development as a person, or work so tirelessly to create magical memories for our entire family. Thank you to every teacher who has comforted Sophie, taught her something new and wonderful, showed her how to be a good friend, listened and really talked to her, and helped make her childhood so special.  Thank you for giving her confidence to take the next steps with enthusiasm.  We leave M.M.S. with hearts heavy with sadness but overflowing with gratitude!  We will miss all of you! The Getty Family  (August 2016)

*ABSOLUTELY LOVE MMS! I don't think I will ever be able to repay Karen and her staff for all the love they have given to my children, my husband and I even my parents over the last 3 years!  There are very few places left in this world where people actually care about you and this is one of them!  I have always been treated like Family by everyone.  There's no better feeling than knowing that your children love where they go everyday and that they're being spoiled and loved by the people caring for them! My children have had almost all the teachers.  My son started when he was 3 with Linda and Eileen in the Camel Room.  I will keep it brief by saying he was a handful.  Within a few short weeks he was in love with Eileen and would come home and tell me when her days off were and when he was going to see her again.  She spoiled and loved him so much.  He even suggested we name my daughter Eileen.  He called her his girl!

Linda met me every single day with a smile and continuously would tell me all the wonderful things about my son.  It was always positive even when they had to deliver bad news of the events from the day.  During this year I delivered my daughter.  The support I received from everyone was UNREAL.  They bent over backwards and gave my son extra love when I was in the hospital for a long stretch of time.  After being a Camel he became an Elephant and was with his favorite girl Karen.  She always had his back no matter what!  She taught him so many things and turned him into a little math whiz.  None of his questions ever went unanswered.  My daughter started in the infant room with Terri and Staci.  They loved my baby like she was their own! She never had one diaper rash the entire time she was there.  If she cried, They Held Her.  I have never looked in that room and someone without a baby in their arms.  There are always extra hands in there holding babies and loving them up! Whatever Terri ate for lunch Katherine ate for lunch.  When my daughter was not walking on time Karen made sure she walked everyday with the walker toys until she could walk and progress to the toddler room. Now Katherine is with Nella and Patti.  This room is filled with fun and Love!  It's like dropping her off with family.  My daughter went from being very clingy to being much more independent.  She's saying new words everyday and singing all the songs she learns at school! Karen goes above and beyond planning special days and always adding new things to the classroom for the children.  Karen is always investing in something to make them happy!  Last year she redesigned both of the toddler classrooms with many new work choices and activities for the kids to play with.  This place has so Many awesome things that other schools don't have, including a Gigantic bounce house for the days when it's too cold to be outside or when it's raining.  My son used to cry when it was time to leave!  There is always music playing, bubbles flying, games being played, stories being read, painting(where every child has his own easel and smock), dress up time (with a gigantic assortment of costumes and props) and lots of learning! If you have a Lego obsessed child then they're going to love MMS's awesome Lego tables!  Karen also provides the world's best snacks according to my children who beg for more every single day before they leave.  There are always large bins of fresh fruit and vegetables for the children to pick from when they are hungry.  I really can not say enough wonderful things about this place!  I highly recommend it to anyone who lives nearby!  Karen is a child advocate and really sees the good in every child that walks through her doors!  She loves them all equally with an open mind!  Everyone thinks their own children are special.  It's amazing to have someone who really and truly believes that about your child too and will make sure they are treated as such!  The Zielinski Family (August 2016)